Creating a paleontology journal article news feed

Creating a paleontology journal article news feed Trying to keep track of the research that goes on in paleontology is a nearly impossible task. The problem is that paleontology research is sprinkled throughout many journals. It would be difficult enough if paleontology research was only published in paleontology journals; though there is a mind bogglingly huge … Continue reading

Charles Darwin and risky grant proposals

It’s healthy to keep track of what you’re trying to show when you’re doing research. I find it particularly helpful to remind myself several times a day. It becomes particularly important during any tedious task, like watching rotten shrimps tumble for a solid 4 hours. Otherwise you might go insane. The reason why it’s healthy … Continue reading

PhDs are such a drag

PhDs are such a drag

I heard this quote in an article over at Last Word on Nothing. Luckily I’m under no illusions that PhDs are some sort of gateway to academic stardom – or any other sort of stardom. They have their ups and downs, and whatever you find out in your studies – except in rare cases – … Continue reading

Kreativ Blogger award: some very belated thanks

I am a terribly naughty blogger. Well, naughty is perhaps the wrong word. Rude is a better one. A couple of months ago, Gunnar de Winter, a fellow Science 2.0er, nominated my little WordPress blog for a Kreativ Blogger award. Who’d have thought! My piecemeal, neglected, and trite personal blog, all growed up and nominated … Continue reading